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2007 - New Orleans, Louisiana

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Jackson Square is in the French Quarter of New Orleans and was once called the Plaza d'Armas. It was a large open common, and was, at times, used as military parade grounds. Later, it was used as a market place for fish, fowl, and produce. 
A statue of Andrew Jackson, namesake of the square and the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, is located in the center of the square. In the background, you can see the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral.

New Orleans, Jackson Square
Statue of Andrew Jackson - St. Louis Cathedral
Statue of Andrew Jackson - St. Louis Cathedral

The New Orleans Town Gardeners, Inc.
Jackson Square Beautification Project Plaque
Jackson Square Beautification Project

There's a magical, spiritual kind of feeling that I experienced there, and I totally fell in love with it. I'm sure much has to do with the history and the amazing and beautiful historic buildings and houses.
The following are general street photos taken from the mule-drawn carriage ride we took around the French Quarter.

Market Cafe - New Orleans French Quarter
Market Cafe - New Orleans French Quarter
French Quarter Street Scene
French Quarter Street Scene
Not only was our brief visit to New Orleans fun and enjoyable, but it was also educational. Our new friend, Rick, was very helpful with information and pronunciation of some of the French words. For example, unless you have prior experience or knowledge of some French, one may not realize that Filé is actually pronounced fee-lay.
Filé is the powdered dried leaves of the sassafras tree and is used as a seasoning. It has a flavor resembling that of root beer and was first used as a seasoning by the Choctaw Indians. It is an essential flavoring and thickening ingredient of gumbo and other Créole dishes.

Jackson Brewery
Jackson Brewery

Back - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Back - Bubba Gump's; Front - Gumbo Filé Restaurant
Front - Gumbo Filé Restaurant

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